Now let's get one thing straight, going to Hooters on Valentine's Day isn't exactly the right thing to do if you're in a relationship already but if you're single its understandable. Hooters also knows that its key demographic is "single" folks and they giving you an opportunity to get over the last person that almost ruined your life with free wings!

Hooters is hosting its annual "Shred Your Ex" promotion on Valentine's Day and if you're ready to get over your ex you'll get hooked up! Stop into Hooters on Valentine's Day and buy 10 wings and if you bring a photo of your ex and allow Hooters to shred the photo of your ex, you'll get a bonus 10 free wings!

But if you don't want to wait until Valentine's Day to shred your ex, you can upload a photo of them online and you'll receive a digital coupon that you can redeem to receive your free wings.

Now this is only good for ONE ex and ONE free 10 piece wings, so keep your photo album at home and just choose the one you're desperate to shred.

A couple of guys in our office tried the online shred your ex engine a couple of years ago. Check out the results.

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