Yesterday on my ride home, a listener sent me a direct message on Instagram containing video that seems to show a former Ellison High School student involved in a physical altercation with employees of Best Donut, which is near the school.

Matt Payne with the Killeen Daily Herald spoke with a Killeen ISD official who told him the video shows the former student ascend the shop's counter and watch as two adult family members cross the counter and assault an employee.

According to school officials, the student has been suspended and withdrawn from the district, and the family plans to move the student to another state.

Will that really solve the problem?

The reason why this week's award is going to the parents is because the listener who sent me this information also told me that this wasn't the first incident where these kids were fighting and causing a ruckus. The girl hopping over the counter in the video is allegedly 19 years old, so she's an adult and she has had charges pressed against her in the past. I was told that fight started between the brother and the employee who called his sister in to fight. Why she's still hanging around high school kids is beyond me and I totally understand sticking up for your family, but the fact that the parents can't control these kids says more about the parents than the kids.


This is a story where I believe parents should start being held accountable for their kids violent actions. For example, school shooters, in most cases, got their guns from their parents who in turn exercise violence towards their peers. By holding parents accountable for their kids violent actions, meaning, if your kid commits a violent act that causes harm to others you the parent goes to jail too. I can assure you, parents will do more to curb their kids actions because they don't want to do jail time for their kids.

Moving these kids somewhere else won't guarantee a change in their behavior but what can change is understanding what's the issue with the parents and why they can't control their kids. What I'm suggesting is a slippery slope indeed because we can't be around our kids 24/7 but if parents did more to give a damn about what's going on in their kids lives, we all would benefit.

Bless the children Bishop...

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