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We've been following the story of Waco ISD Superintendent Dr. Marcus Nelson who was recently arrested for a misdemeanor marijuana charge and the debate over his continued employment with the district. In what came as a shock to everyone last night, after a closed door meeting, Waco ISD trustees received and accepted Dr. Nelson's letter of resignation according to our news partner KWTX News 10.

This was quite possibly the SMARTEST thing for Dr. Nelson to do after much hand wringing over whether or not he should continue to be employed and much debate from citizens and parents. I applaud Dr. Nelson for going this route because this debate was causing more division in the city when in reality, it shouldn't have even gone this far.

That's why this week's #Hell2DaNawNaw Award goes to Waco ISD and the citizens who felt like Dr. Nelson was suddenly unworthy of a second chance. This "holier than thou" attitude has landed your district and kids in a bad predicament and without a leader and you can thank yourselves for it.

Let me be clear from the beginning, THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE even though I'm sure some of you will think it is. Also, THIS IS NOT A JUSTIFICATION OF HIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. We are very aware that marijuana is STILL ILLEGAL in Texas and no one is debating that LAW ENFORCEMENT should handle his situation. But LAW ENFORCEMENT felt that his FIRST time arrest only warranted a plea deal where this "blemish" won't even be on his record in a few months. If LAW ENFORCEMENT was able to quickly determine that Dr. Nelson didn't deserve jail time or a harsher punishment, why was this such a HARD decision for Waco ISD?

Dr. Nelson's track record in his time with the district has been stellar. He saved 4 schools from being closed down and implemented programs that have improved many kids lives and education in the district. His work shouldn't be destroyed over one mistake. Some of you have even WORST backgrounds and are colleagues with criminals, drunk drivers and drug abusers yourselves (If you're not one) so are you or them not worthy of a second chance at making a living?

And PLEASE stop with the "What about the kids?" argument. Your kid is exposed to more heinous crap on their smartphone than this.

I'm quite sure there are several districts in Texas and across the country that are itching at a chance to get Dr. Nelson to lead them and I'm sure his next opportunity is right around the corner. But because of your ungrateful "holier than thou" attitude you've put yourselves in a bad space Waco... and you deserve what's coming to you.

Make sure you keep that same "high standards, law and order" energy when someone in a position much higher than his gets in trouble. Bless them Bishop.


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