A few months ago, we posted a poll question and we asked you whether or not sauce belongs on steak.

According to our poll over 70 Percent of you said that NO SAUCE is your preferred method of eating steak. Which makes the news we learned over the weekend about some one you probably voted for to be President of the United States and how he eats his steak that much more puzzling.

For a moment, let's disregard the following things about President Trump:

  • His boastful and untrue claims about his election win, inauguration crowd size, ties to Russia etc.
  • His ban on reporters and journalists from the White House Press Pool
  • The 50 + federal lawsuits against him
  • His "Muslim ban" that wasn't a "ban" until he admitted that it was.

DISREGARD all of that just for the moment. The leader of the free world, the President of the United States, the man 4.6 MILLION Texans voted for in the last election, eats his steak WELL DONE and WITH KETCHUP.

Appalling and down right disrespectful. Any person (especially TEXANS) know that this is blasphemy and borderline "Un-American" but its true according to "The Eater". Your president (who famously sold his own brand of "steaks"... at an "electronics store of all places"...imagine how bad those had to be if he DROWNS HIS STEAK IN KETCHUP) essentially has the eating habits of a toddler because they are the only people I know that eat their steak well done and with ketchup. Just gross.

In the interest of political fairness and equal time, this is just as bad as Obama and his mom jeans. At least Obama got rid of that bad habit.

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