My parents have always taught me that if you can't afford a habit or vice, its time to quit. So whether it was cigarettes, alcohol, TV or anything you're addicted to, if you have to start "borrowing" for it, its a problem and not a good thing for you. This week's award goes to a man who didn't get that lesson and felt like that only way he could solve his problem is getting law enforcement involved....even if it meant admitting to doing illegal stuff.

This week's award goes to Kenneth Dewayne Woods of Evansville, Indiana. According to The Smoking Gun, Kenneth couldn't afford his crack anymore so he decided to acquire his much needed crack from his drug dealers via CREDIT. Now one thing credit card and loan companies and drug dealers have in common is that they will be more than happy to extend you credit but they have every intention of harassing you if you don't pay them back. But unlike credit cards and loans, you can't simply "file bankruptcy" or tell them that "you'll pay them when you can", drug dealers will HURT YOU.

So when Kenneth's credit tab got up into the $400 range, naturally his dealers wanted him to pay up and threatened to hurt him and shoot up his car. Kenneth decided that his only way out was to walk into the Evansville Police Department and file a COMPLAINT against his crack dealer.

Nevermind the fact that Kenny is admitting to the law that he's been doing illegal activities (LIKE BUYING CRACK), Kenny went on to tell them that his dealers were also trying to charge INTEREST and wanted him to pay $500! Police took down his complaint and there's no word on whether or not Kenneth's drug dealers have been arrested or if Kenneth was arrested for his admitting to purchasing SO MUCH CRACK!

For not paying his debts and not sticking to the "G-Code" Kenneth Woods receives this week's Hell 2 Da Naw Naw Award! Welcome back Bishop!

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