Every year we go through the song and dance of reminding the residents of Central Texas especially those that live in Killeen, Copperas Cove and Temple about the their cities "fireworks ban" every 4th of July and how if you're caught shooting off fireworks in city limits, you'll get a "fine" or something, but if the last few years have taught me anything, nobody gives a damn bout these so called "ordinances".

While the idea of these ordinances are correct, they surely aren't enforceable. Its like you and 100,000 of your friends decide to bum rush and loot the nearby HEB, could the police possibly stop and catch EVERYBODY, no way! The same can be said about these fireworks bans. So why bother even having it on the books?

If its a "safety" reason, I get it, but it damn sure aint stopping folks from damn near getting their limbs blown off. Is it about "keeping the neighborhood peaceful and quiet", THAT'LL BE A HELL NAW! Since July 3rd, at any given moment until possibly New Years Eve, we'll have to deal with the random "pop" and "bang" from kids and idiots with leftover fireworks, so there's that.

You would think in our military community with folks dealing with PTSD and other issues, we would do MORE to enforce these "bans", and just to be clear, I'm not against fireworks at all, but when you have to listen to THIS (See video below) after midnight for the next few weeks, you'll understand.


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