I'm sure you've seen by now on social media the endless roasting of Jaheim and his new hairstyle. The last few days in a series of tweets and Instagram posts, Jaheim has gone on a rampage threatening EVERYBODY including Rihanna fans who had jokes and radio personality Charlemagne Tha God for the roasting session he's currently having to endure over his choice of hair.

Now I won't clown this man's hairstyle even though it looks like a combination of business in the front and party in the back. Jaheim is free to make his hair and any part of him different if he so chooses and we should respect that......BUT

You know the age we live in chief, and when you make the decision to press that "Send", "Post", "Tweet" or "Share" button on that selfie, YOU. KNOW. WHAT. HAPPENS. NEXT. Social media is going to either "love it" or "hate it" and you can't STOP THAT no matter how many videos you post threatening folks that talk about you.

Now I don't want the "hands of God" upon me so I don't want any trouble, but I will say this, you gotta deal with the trappings of "fame" the good and the bad.....this is definitely a "bad" that you have to accept and move on from.