A man on Twitter went viral after he offered a green card to a beautiful woman he spotted in the grandstands at the World Cup while watching TV.

Even though the U.S. team was eliminated from the World Cup Saturday (Dec. 3), Twitter user @JoeyKnish22, a.k.a. Joey Knish, had another goal in mind while watching the big game on his TV.

Knish, who is well-known in the Michigan gambling scene, took a gamble of his own on Twitter, where he hoped to find a love connection.

"If anybody knows this girl and she's looking for a green card to escape the tyranny of Iran, my DMS are open," @JoeyKnish22 tweeted, sharing a photo of his TV screen which featured a woman seated in the stadium during FOX's live coverage of the game Nov. 29.

See his tweet below:

Earning over 212,000 likes and more than 16,000 retweets as of publishing, Knish's bold tweet went viral on Twitter and sent the social media platform into a fiery debate. Some applauded (and even co-signed) him shooting his shot.

"I've never fallen in love this quickly," one person tweeted.

"As she popped up, I knew millions of Americans were all thinking the same thing," another wrote.

However, others clapped back, calling the tweet sexist and offensive.

"Men like Joey are disgusting," one user wrote.

"The Persian women that you are leering at would likely ignore such an obviously sexist hot take. The ones that I know are highly educated, intelligent, and strong feminists who wouldn't give a putz whose only interest is superficial the time of day. Sad," someone else tweeted.

"Choose the beautiful ones and marry them. Is this how you liberate women in other countries?" another shared.

Iran is currently in the midst of a women's rights crisis.

CBS reports that over 300 people have been killed while protesting the death of 22-year-old lawyer Mahsa Amini. Amini died Sept. 16 while in custody of Iran's "morality police" after she was arrested for allegedly violating Iran's strict dress code for women.

According to CNN, Iran allegedly threatened the Iranian World Cup team and their families with imprisonment and potential "torture" should players protest during the game or refuse to sing Iran's national anthem.

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