Entrepreneurs in and around Harker Heights, Texas keep this community growing and thriving, and I love to see it! Our community should be about making sure that each one of us makes it to the top by helping one another. That includes making sure we network with each other, and upcoming event will help you do just that.

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Events With Amey/ Canva
Events With Amey/ Canva

On January 6 from 6 PM to 9 PM, Events With Amy will be hosting the First Friday Business Sip and Socialize at the E Lounge, 710 Edwards Dr. in Harker Heights.

This event is an opportunity for entrepreneurs (that includes you, Miss or Mister aspiring business person) coming together to unwind, listen to great music, and collaborate with other business owners and entrepreneurs.

I cannot stress it enough that if you are an entrepreneur and want to get your business out there and are not exactly sure what direction you want to go in, this event was tailor made for you to meet and network with other local business enterprisers. You can learn from their experience, get some idea and perspective, and discover ways to grow and strengthen your business.


Events By Amey is the effort a young lady I have grown to truly respected and admire, and with this event she has done it again. Watching this young lady's story and seeing how hard she hustles and grinds in Central Texas is a proud moment for me. I wish a lot of our young entrepreneurs would take a page out of her book and realize if you want something, you have to go out and get it because no one‘s going to get it for you.

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