We have notice boil notices being lifted across Central Texas, including (most recently) Copperas Cove's Mountain Top Pressure Plane. and I received a text yesterday from the City of Austin water division stating that the boil notice has been lifted there as well. I was so relieved to have water that I didn't have to boil anymore before use.

Unfortunately, Harker Heights officials posted on their Facebook page that they don't expect their city boil notice to expire until Saturday. Yikes!

Harker Heights officials made a lengthy post at today at 1:25 PM Tuesday explaining the situation. From reading their post, I figure every water plant has gone through this process to restore clean water to their residents and the folks handling Harker Heights' water are trying to be thorough.

According to officials, the City must disinfect four of their six tanks. Each tank must be left sitting with specific chemicals approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for at least 24 hours, after which samples from the tank need to be tested and approved at a TCEQ lab. Getting those results back can take an additional 24 hours.

The City is going through this process by taking down only two tanks at a time for disinfection and testing. Once all the tanks are clean enough for TCEQ standards and citywide tests come back clean, the City will be able to lift the current boil water notice.

It's looking like the soonest that might happen is Saturday, February 27. however, if any samples fail TCEQ testing, it could take longer. Let's hope that's not the case.

I remember growing up and drinking water out of the hose when I got thirsty. God knows I wouldn't do that now. As I think about it, it takes a lot to make sure our water is good enough for us to do essential things like drinking, cooking, even brushing our teeth.

After reading the City of Harker Heights' post, I understand a little better how the water system works and how much goes into ensuring that our tap water won't make us sick.

Great explanation by the City of Harker Heights. Despite what's going on, I feel like their explaining to me gives me a better understanding of why the water boil notice might take so long to be rescinded.

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