The City of Killeen on Sunday announced the opening of two additional water filling stations for residents experiencing low water pressure or no water service.

The following water stations are now in operation and will be open until 6PM today (2/21/21):

You'll need to take your own containers to be filled, and supply may be limited depending on demand. Water received should be boiled before consumption.

Killeen remains under Stage 5 water restrictions, and City officials say private property water leaks are draining the supply of available water. They ask that residents check their properties for leaks as soon as possible and report them by calling (254) 501-6320 or emailing They'd also like residents to report any leaks they see in their neighborhoods.

"Because of the cooperation of the public, we have seen significant progress in containing leaks," City of Killeen Executive Director of Communications Hilary J. Shine said Sunday. "Water levels across the city are beginning to rise, which will create both supply and pressure. The vigilance of the public and adherence to water restrictions are speeding the restoration of services to all residents. Thank you for your cooperation and patience."

Meanwhile, residents are being asked not to wash their cars either at home or at car washing establishments. Until water service is fully restored, citizens who have running water are being asked to help conserve as much as possible.

Water filling stations are also operating in Temple and Copperas Cove.

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