Today is Monica's 36th birthday and I have no problem telling you that I'm a fan of her music! She's definitely one of my favorite artists ever since she dropped her first album in "Miss Thang" in 1995. She exploded off the charts with her amazing voice and went on the have an amazing career that continues today with her latest album "Code Red". In honor of her birthday today, I'll share with you my 5 favorite Monica songs from her catalog, feel free to share yours in the comments below!

  • 1

    "Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)"

    Her debut single was a clear indicator that she was going to be a star! "Don't Take It Personal" was an anthem for the ladies who just didn't want to be bothered.

  • 2

    "Love All Over Me"

    One of the keys to Monica's success is her way of merging street sounds with her angelic voice and one of the songs that showcase that is "Love All Over Me"

  • 3

    "Just Right For Me"

    Need further proof of what I'm saying? Look no further than her latest single "Just Right For Me".

  • 4

    "With You"

    This is definitely my favorite song from Monica. Perfect for dropping the top or rolling down the windows and riding around the city just "kicking it" with that special someone.

  • 5

    "Why I Love You So Much"

    "Why I Love You So Much" is such an underrated song in terms of "love songs". Its simple and to the point, at a time in the mid-90's where R&B had strong competition from the likes other younger upstarts like Usher and Brandy, Monica held her own with a song that still resonates today.

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