If you're like me, you remember waking up on Saturday mornings to spend half the day parked in front the TV to enjoy cartoons with a big bowl of cereal. Now that we're busy adults, a lot of us just don't have the time to enjoy a delicious bowl like we used to and some of us have grown into BIGGER and BETTER breakfast options but good old cereal remains a morning staple.

So today we celebrate "National Cereal Day". While we don't know the origins of this day I'm pretty sure it was started by Kellogg's. Anyway, over the last few years we've seen cereals go from the standard "flakes" to more exotic flavors like "chicken and waffles" and "maple bacon donuts" (yes its true).

Courtesy of Post Consumer Brands
Courtesy of Post Consumer Brands

So we want to know what cereal are you enjoying on National Cereal Day? Something new and weird or good old standby like "Frosted Flakes" and Corn Pops?


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