It's clear that Sanaa Lathan and French Montana have a connection. He's one of two people who convinced her to release "Emotional," a song inspired by her new movie, The Perfect Guy. Now the rumors that the actress and rapper are a couple are heating up.

If the two are actually in a relationship is still a gray area. During an interview with Big Boy in the Morning, Lathan called in to promote her thriller The Perfect Guy. Big Boy tried to get Lathan to answer more personal questions when he asked her who she would take to a movie screening in a romantic "sharing popcorn" kind of date.

The 43-year-old actress neither denied or confirmed Big Boy's suggestion that French Montana, 30, may be that guy by saying that she "doesn't talk about her personal life." But she did confirm something. "I am dating," she admitted.

Lathan, who is also a producer of The Perfect Guy, went on to define her ideal suitor. "I need somebody who is a communicator. I love to talk. I love to share ideas. I love to philosophize about life and art. I just love having long talks," she explained, to which Big Boy replied, "You definitely not dating French Montana then."

The Brown Sugar actress also revealed to Big Boy that sex scenes can be awkward -- she needs someone with self-assurance to handle watching from the sidelines. "I love somebody who has a sense of humor and you know, who can laugh. I need somebody who's confident. It's not easy dating somebody who goes to work and has to have love scenes with Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut. You have to be a confident man to deal with that," Lathan said.

Rumors of Lathan dating the "Moses" rapper began after Diddy posted a video of the two on Instagram in July. A seemingly drunk Lathan was seated on French's lap in the back of a vehicle. Diddy has since deleted the clip, but thanks to the internet you can watch it here.

When French was asked about the dating rumors last month, he didn't shy away from the subject. “I am not denying nobody. All I am saying is I am just having fun. That is all I am trying to do. I am not trying to be caught in the box of anything. I just want to have fun," he told Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning.

Fans of both entertainers are taking the news of their romance with mixed reactions. "french montana smashing sanaa lathan is proof positive that you should never think you're out of a woman's league. shoot ya shot, fam," one wrote on Twitter. Another fan can't fathom why Lathan would choose someone like the Bronx rapper. "Of all the men Sanaa has played as a Co-Star to, you choose to date French Montana!? SMH come on baby girl," she tweeted.

Hear Sanaa Lathan address her relationship with French Montana for yourself and read some of the hilarious fan reactions below.

Listen to Sanaa Lathan Address Her Relationship With French Montana

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