Sanaa Lathan is one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses and she's always been fierce and fly. So when the Nappily Ever After posted a video on social media sporting a new bald look, she did it with the confidence of a woman who knows she can pull off virtually anything.

"Just doing my reveal," Lathan says in the video, as she rubs her head. "It's all light I feel like I could fly away..."

In the Nappily..., Lathan stars as Violet Jones, a woman whose life gets turned upside down after a hair salon accident sends things into chaos. Jones begins to reassess what she really wants after being forced to re-evaluate her image. The film also stars Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson, and Lathan has been keeping fans updated on her many looks for the role of Violet.

Check out Sanaa's many styles below:

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