Since we have a "short week" ahead of us thanks to the Memorial Day holiday, we're already looking forward to the weekend and grabbing our fishing poles.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department announced that the annual Free Fishing Day takes place on Saturday June 1st.

That means that you can cast your line into any public body of water in Texas without a fishing license. You can fish in a state park, lake, river, on the coast or even UNDERWATER if you so choose but its just for one day only without any fees.

The TPWD wants to remind you that there are still bag and size limits you must adhere to and you can find more information about those limits here.

So if you're ready to start planning your fishing trip, you can find out where you can cast your line CLICK HERE and while you're at, upload a photo of your Dad's nasty grill at the button below to hook your Dad up with a new grill to cook your catch on with our King Of The Grill contest!

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