Last night I read an article on titled Depression and the Black Superwoman Syndrome.

The title alone caught me eye and made me stop, scratch my head and read it. As I read the article, I found that, I to, have suffered from this syndrome. Here are a few of my personal tips on how to overcome this.

This article was published April 15, 2014 and written by Josie Pickens. In the article she shared the personal fights she had with suicidal thoughts and the revelation that brought her to a place of stronger mental health.

For most of us, any talk of suicide is strongly ridiculed in the black community. If the subject does come up, you are either told to "just get over it" or "well, then just kill yourself."

In some cases, people do seem to just need some attention, but how do you really know when that is?

I personally get irritated when someone comes to me saying they want to kill themselves and they have what I look at as the perfect life. Well as they say, perception is everything.

What hurts me may not hurt them and it goes the other way, too. After looking at this ideology that I possess, I realized this is how we put unrealistic expectations on one another. Seeing potential in a person is one thing, but expecting the potential to instantly be present is unrealistic in most cases and it brings a load of stress with it.

By no means am I saying do not encourage a person, just take into consideration that seeds take time to grow. They have to be planted in the right soil and given the appropriate amount of water to transform from a seed to a plant. In other words, we should consider our delivery of the motivation that we send to a person that we see as greater than they are.

We also have to keep in mind that they are human beings that require the same love that we desire.

Take some time a read the article and chime back with your thoughts. Together we can build a healthier space.

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