We are keeping Tamar and the Braxton Family in our thoughts and prayers as she continues to recover from a suicide attempt last week. We now have an update to her situation.

According to The Blast, Tamar is now "alert and responsive" and has been transferred to a new hospital where she will receive specialized mental health care and treatment.

We shared the unfortunate news last Thursday about first responders who found Tamar unconscious and Tamar's boyfriend David Adefeso told police that she had been upset earlier in the day and talked of committing suicide. Her boyfriend believes that Tamar may have overdosed on pills and alcohol.

According to The Blast report, over the weekend, Tamar was moved to another Los Angeles hospital that has top specialists in the field of mental health including depression, anxiety, and sexual assault trauma.

Hopefully, Tamar will get the help she needs and get back on the road to recovery.


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