With cases of COVID-19 on the rise in Coryell County, County Judge Roger Miller has joined in with other judges around the area and issued a "Stay At Home, Stop The Spread" order.

According to press release we received from Copperas Cove Public Information Officer Kevin Keller, Coryell County has 13 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 with new cases having been reported for the past 4 consecutive days.

It was never a question of would the virus come to our county, it was only a matter of time of when it appeared. Well, it's here and we need to stop the spread" - Coryell County Judge Roger Miller

The Judge's order limits out of county travel for current Coryell County residents and prohibits nonresidents from entering except "essential workers" and those seeking emergency medical treatment.

The press release went on to address confirmed cases of COVID-19 in TDCJ prisons in Gatesville. According to Bob Harrell, Emergency Management Coordinator for Coryell County, there is a direct correlation between inmate infections and the local increase and as of Wednesday morning (April 8) the Murray Unit in Gatesville is on inmate lockdown control to stop the virus from spreading.

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