Up and down the news feeds of social media and all over the news, its the pandemic to end all pandemics since the last pandemic - the Coronavirus.

Events are being cancelled, travel is being limited, and everyone is in a state of paranoia. But one of the effects of all this hysteria has led to an interesting development, at least to this observer: Why is everyone buying toilet paper?

Our partners at KWTX News 10 shared a photo on Facebook, sent to them by R. Lee Nolan, of shelf at an HEB in Waco where it looks like folks are going out to buy all the toilet paper they can get their hands on.

Talk about being scared s*it-less, am I right?

When you consider that the symptoms of the coronavirus, which, according to the CDC, are fever, cough, and shortness of breath, why are folks more concerned about toilet paper? Yes, stores are reporting shortages of sanitizers and masks but, TP for your bunghole? Is that what everyone is REALLY worried about? Is that item we need the MOST in the age of the pandemic?

Look, just like you, I'm getting sick just of HEARING about this virus. You should take precautions like those being recommended, including washing your hands regularly. (the fact that in 2020 we still have to tell people this is AMAZING in itself) and watch how you touch your face (best policy, keep your hands to YOURSELF).

But really, you should probably just relax and save some toilet paper for the rest of us, ok?

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