You remember him very well from the hit 90's sitcom "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper" and lots of movies and if you didn't know, he's an accomplished stand up comedian as well. This week you can catch him performing in Killeen at The Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge.

Mark Curry will be taking the stage at Twice As Funny September 5th through September 7th with one show each night. You definitely don't want to miss his hilarious stand up show. You can also catch him on Wednesday night for "Open Mic" night as he helps to cultivate the next wave of comedians from right here in Central Texas.

Courtesy of Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge
Courtesy of Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge

Curry has been preparing for a stand up comedy special by hitting the road with Killeen being one of his many stops. Melz On The MIC spend a few minutes talking to Mark via phone about his performances this week, how "Hangin With Mr. Cooper" re-runs helped introduce him to a younger generation of fans and his appearance on Too Short's "I Ain't Trippin" a hip hop classic from back in the day.

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