I think it is definitely safe to say that the Killeen, Texas area was a little shaken up by Thursday's thunderstorms and tornado watches. The outdoor warning sirens went off to alert people who are outside to seek shelter inside because the weather is about to probably become somewhat unbearable and dangerous. Thankfully it wasn't too bad in our area, but it was still enough to ratttle us.

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When hazardous conditions roll in, the City of  Killeen siren usually sounds from 3 to 5 minutes. Keep in mind that the sirens only go off if there is a tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service, or sometimes if there is a thunderstorm with winds 70 mph or greater.

Janell J. Ford
Janell J. Ford


The storm left a lot of homes and property a little shaken up and damaged.

The national weather service issued a tornado warning that included the City of Killeen primarily the north side of town yesterday. It is just a reminder that the outside sirens are designated to alert citizens were outside, so if you find yourself not exactly sure what is going on or what you need to do just keep that in mind. I’m glad we were able to stomach the storm have sunnier days today stay safe out there Central Texas and stay alert.


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