I always say there is so much talent in Killeen, Texas that you might stumble on a millionaire in the making. I've watched this particular young man go from a local artist to a full-blown entertainer. I must admit, watching Christopher Magee's journey to success is an eye-opener for my great city.


Christopher Magee was born in Dallas but raised in Killeen. He studied the black panther party growing up, but was derailed due to the village he was living in (gangland).

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Courtesy of Christopher Magee
Courtesy of Christopher Magee



Christopher started rapping in 1998, going by the name of Crown Mercy. Christopher Magee's biggest accomplishment in music is going on tour with Repyahcity TV show/Sony in 2013. Now that he is a social activist, journalist, and social media sensation, Christopher brings the objective perspective of local and global urban culture to the table, which seems to offend people, he says, "especially when it comes from uppity suburban black kids".





Christopher is well aware he does not rub off on people well,  and in my opinion, him not being worried about the opinion of others is was makes him so successful.

Even though Christopher’s podcast/YouTube channel C Magee TV hasn’t been on the radar for even a year yet, he has made serious headway with really big names in urban culture.

Christopher has interviewed the likes of Houston Freestyle legend Lil’ Flip and even outspoken social media sensation Charleston White, who is a motivational speaker and an online figure.

Having a conversation with Christopher, you can see the passion in this man’s eyes when it comes to studying everything he talks about, as well as his appreciation for urban culture.

I like to refer to him as the Don King of Killeen as an inside joke because even though he can stir up confrontational situations, it’s the best entertainment you will see and he’s aware of how to profit and promote it.

Courtesy of Christopher Magee
Courtesy of Christopher Magee

Christopher's plans for his career are very promising, and with the city of Killeen's support, I do not see that being a  problem.

Christopher started his career believing rapping would be the craft that would be the reason for his success. What is so crazy about that statement is he recently wrote a quote on social media that said, "Rapping might not be where you get your first million from". This man understands how to speak life into success.

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