What are my favorite things about this time of year in Killeen, Texas? Besides the atmosphere of good will, it's seeing people coming together for the season, enjoying the parades and workshops, and most importantly, attending the Christmas plays.

Christmas Plays Defined So Many Of Our Childhood Holidays

I remember growing up as a little girl, my sisters and I would sit down with my mother and watch the nutcracker over and over again. The experience is still one of my favorites that I have passed down to my son, and cannot wait for him to pass it down to his children.

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Courtesy of Herbert Sims
Courtesy of Herbert Sims

Make New Memories at This Christmas Play in Killeen

I mention this because Shoemaker High School is putting on a play this Friday, December 10 called Christmas Memory.

This wonderful event is brought to you by, Mo's Productions in Collaboration with It's Already Done Ministries LLC and Real Word Ministries .

What’s The Play About?

The play is called Christmas Memory, and it’s about a retired British actor, Miss Anastasia Mayweather, who’s taken steps to protect herself from the outside world. Her distrust of the world and others contrasts with Riley Stewart, a transit driver who’s determined to redeem Anastasia at any coast.

I know what you’re thinking, what does the display have to do with Christmas?

Well you will just have to come out and see for yourself! But I’ll tell you that the themes of salvation, forgiveness, and healing are prevalent.

Christmas tree glowing outdoors in the forest
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It’s For A Great Cause

The best part about this production is that a portion of the proceeds will be used to support purchasing a transit home for aging out foster young adults to prevent homelessness.

Once again, our community is looking out for each other while being entertaining at the same time.

MyKiss1031 Has Tickets To Give Away

I will have tickets for the rest of this week (until Thursday, to be exact). You can also get tickets here. We hope to see you there at this wonderful show to make a Christmas memory.

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