Prom season is rapidly approaching and over recent years, we've seen some outrageous accessories for prom dates but this one is buttery and delicious and only available in Texas.

According to People Magazine, Cheddars Scratch Kitchen has created a "Croissant Corsage" for prom goers this season after it was discovered that back in 2018, teens were accidentally texting their dates asking what kind of "croissant" they wanted instead of "corsage". That damn spell check gets ya every time. The corsage only costs $20 but they come with a $10 Cheddars gift card that your teens can use for dinner before or after the prom.

There's only one catch: The Croissant Corsage is only available online and its only available to Dallas residents that can pick up the corsage at a local flower shop after their order has been placed.

Have a great prom season kids and be safe out there!

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