One thing about Killeen, Texas we are very appreciative of and always give recognition to our veterans. That goes not only for the ones who are still here, but for those we've lost.

This weekend is an opportunity to show that love and respect once again.


The annual retrieval of wreaths at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery will be this Saturday, January 8, with a special ceremony planned for 10 AM.

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Soldier kneeling at grave
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Each year around the holidays, these wreaths are laid on the graves of people who served their country with honor in life. Family members of these veterans typically lay wreaths on the graves, but if there is a grave that's not attended by family, we come prepared with volunteers.

Now it's time to retrieve those wreaths and respectfully put them away until next year, and you and I can help make it happen.

If you'd like to help, organizers ask that you park at Texas A&M-Central Texas. A shuttle bus will pick you up at the campus starting at 8 AM. (The travel will be rescheduled the following Saturday if there is any bad weather.) They ask that you please not park along Texas 195, as it's both illegal and dangerous.

These are always emotional events for me. I’ve seen my friends with great pride put wreaths on family members of those who've died while serving or a long while afterward, and it's always wonderful to see these brave men and women honored in such a way.

If you can volunteer your time, it would be greatly appreciated.

You might even get a chance to see Justice of the Peace Gregory Johnson out there as well. He usually attends this event. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1 million times: this man is all about his community and giving respect to Central Texans and our veterans.

God bless America, and may He continue to bless Central Texas and our vets!



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