Earlier this week, we shared information about a recent report from Allstate Insurance that ranked Killeen in the top 100 cities in the country with the safest drivers. While we admit that we were just as SHOCKED as everyone else, reaction to this story was swift.

For starters folks, we were just as surprised as you, and while our experiences on Killeen's roads aren't always pleasant, the data suggests they could be much worse. The disbelief is real!

Safe Driver 1
Safe Driver 4

Secondly, this information was based on claims filed with Allstate Insurance which everyone doesn't have. But folks still had LOTS to say about it.

Safe driver 2

Some of the folks who consider themselves "safe drivers" like Jennifer tagged their friends into this conversation and they chimed in.

Safe Driver 3

We all could do a better job at being safe drivers so let's work on that okay? I still think that Belton and Temple drivers are upset that they aren't on the list, but when you have an apocalyptic wasteland in the middle of your city ...I'll stop right there.


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