I can’t say I’ve never felt a great amount of anger or the urge to slap somebody when they’ve taken a parking space I’ve had my eye on when I’m at a shopping. It's happened in mall parking lots and even HEB.

You spot the person leaving the space and you do what you need to do to get to it when VROOM someone swoops in and steals YOUR park.

Well.... technically it isn't really your park.. per se, but in your head it is.

Wish you had someone out there stomping for you like this, right?


So in a way, I feel where this lady was coming from, but...she went too far.

According to FOX 29, this gun-toting granny pulled her weapon on someone in an HEB parking lot in Corpus Christi last week.

Reportedly, Rossie Dennis argued over a parking spot before she drew her handgun and threatened to shoot the person.

She was taken into custody by Corpus Christi Police four days later and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Of course, the situation could’ve turned out much worse, and she could’ve very well just shot the person who stole her park, but hopefully, Mrs. Dennis has learned her lesson and realizes that it’s really not that serious.

Just go find another park.



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