Next week, I'm going to be taking a tour of the east coast and the main thing I'm looking forward to is checking out some of the "local food" of the cities I'm visiting. New York City is currently on my itinerary but I'm STRONGLY reconsidering it after "Munchies" posted a tweet that has united Southerners of many backgrounds to come together to point and laugh at what they call "barbecue" up north.


For starters, what "world" are they talking about? Mars, Jupiter? Surely not Earth, because in my 40 years of existence on this planet I've NEVER heard anyone say "I miss the brisket in Brooklyn".


Secondly, social media users from across the south gave them the business and posted photos of their BBQ plates to showcase the huge disparity. Now, listen New Yorkers, before I get up there next week, I need you to get this right. I'm going to now share what a REAL BBQ plate looks like here in Central Texas and let these photos serve as a reminder to you Yankees northerners to humble yourselves before you make such a wild declaration.

Get the picture?

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