As you know February is Black History Month where we remember and celebrate the many contributions African Americans have made to our nation.

Texas Parks & Wildlife on Friday unveiled a new statue honoring the history and legacy of African-American troops known as the Buffalo Soldiers. In the late 1800's, these soldiers were called upon to protect and police the Western frontier.

The Buffalo Soldiers were the first free unit of professional African American soldiers in the U.S. military who served on the western frontier from 1866 to 1948 building roads, telegraphs and forts.

According to a press release from TPWD, the new plaque and exhibit honors the founders of the Buffalo Soldiers program with a display of items used during some of the first outreach events at schools and communities.

The exhibit will be on display and open to the public at the TPWD headquarters building in Austin for a year before moving to the Buffalo Soldier Museum in Houston.

For more information about the Buffalo Soldiers Program visit the TPWD website here.

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