We've all logged onto Google to search for something and when we get to their simple "homepage" there's usually a little blurb or line at the bottom encouraging you to explore something special on Google.

Today as I logged on to find stories to write about, I noticed a line at the bottom of Google's home page that said "Take A Journey Through Black History With Google Earth". Ever so curious I clicked on the link and it took me to the Google Earth app with a cover explaining "Black History Month: The Story Of Us".

Explore the major milestones across Black history that have shaped the American experience. Curated with the Schomburg Center and Howard University.

When you click on "Start Exploring" the Google Earth map opens up with a table of contents with pin drops showcasing some of the places and events that have shaped Black history in America in different areas of life including advocacy, entertainment, business, education and technology.

When you click on any of the pins the map, it will take you to the exact location of something historic in Black History, for example, the map takes you to Sojourner Truth's statue in Florence, Massachusetts and shares her story of how she escaped slavery to become a major voice in the abolitionist movement.

This is so very cool and it also calls for a road trip to check out some of these sites! Go explore and learn our history in America thanks to Google Earth as we celebrate and learn Black History everyday!

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