Beyonce's 'Standing on the Sun' impacted our worlds last year when it was featured in an H&M commercial. Remember when Bey's bootylicious body was poured into the discount retailer's bikinis last summer? We know, those images were rather impossible to forget. But back to the matter at hand. The full version of the song has landed online.

It's a bright and airy song that certainly marks the onset of summer and warm water.

The track did not appear on the December-released, surprise fifth album 'Beyonce,' even though it was rumored to be a contender for inclusion. Bey has performed the song, penned by Sia and Greg Kurstin, in the live realm, but we hadn't heard the full studio version until now.

The song presents Bey in all of her goddess-y glory and is possessed of a sun-splashed melody. It is ripe for listening to while slathering on sunblock and letting your toes sink into the sand.

Also, the song is bolstered by tropical percussion, some reggae parts towards the end and even Bey rapping in a style undoubtedly influenced by her hubby Jay Z. It's sort of hard to avoid, you know?

It's a big, bold song and it's upbeat and feels good, which is the case for plenty of Bey songs. But this one sounds as thought it were written while on an island, sipping drinks with umbrellas in them, seated next to crystal blue waters.

Oh, and in case you need a refresher, see Beyonce in her bikinis, er, Beykinis for H&M, by clicking here.

Listen to Beyonce 'Standing on the Sun'

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