Summertime in Texas allows wildlife to be more exposed during the season. According to KXAN, Texans have made reports of seeing more and more coyotes as of late. Living in the great state of Texas, seeing a coyote isn’t necessarily uncommon, but the amount of coyotes that have been seen lately in Central Texas is very rare.

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Emily Bertrand via KXAS-TV
Emily Bertrand via KXAS-TV

According to Texas Park and Wildlife Department for a coyote to attack a human being is very rare but because of the recent amount of coyotes, local governments are coordinating nuisance coyote control and public education. People right here in Central Texas have spotted more coyotes, than usual and it can be offputting if you are a pet owner.



This animal will and can rip small animals to shreds, I’ve seen it done. Even though coyotes do typically avoid people, the reality of it is, they do live among us and due to it being "denning season", you’ll probably see coyotes more often. If you find yourself near a coyote and it becomes very territorial, that is considered "Denning", keep in mind if you see a coyote and its acting non-aggressive it is suggested by the Texas Park wildlife department that you just remain calm and not respond or interact with the coyote. Keeping your pets inside at night, in my opinion, is the best solution to avoid any attacks on your animals in Texas.

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