It is a known fact that Killeen has hidden gems in the city, and I could not be more  ecstatic about going looking for them.

When I first came up with the idea to write this article, I thought to myself that the singers, songwriters, and ladies of Killeen do not get the credit that these the hard working, beautiful, and talented queens deserve.

Well, I'm here to change all of that ladies and gentlemen. Now, please keep in mind there is no particular ranking. I just decided that I would give some insight into some the most talented women of Killeen, because at the end out the day if we are not uplifting each other what are we doing exactly? Am I right?

Rose Short

Image Courtesy of Rose Short

Let me start with the home town hero herself, Ms. Rose Short, a Killeen native turned absolute super star!

If she looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen this gorgeous ball of talent on the hit show The Voice . Rose Short was Team Gwen when on the show, and the City of Killeen was team Rose proudly.

Since Rose has appeared on the show, she has been very booked and busy. Not only is she coming out with her own podcast, but new music is on the way. Rose never ceases to amaze us , and she continues to make the city proud!

Image Courtesy of Rose Short


Image Courtesy of Gio

This young lady here is near and dear to my heart.

Gio has to be one the kindest, most southside Texans I know. She is the tomboy who's cool with the jocks, but can also hang out with the geeks . She's not worried if she can sit at the table with you because honey, she brought her own.

The Long Branch songbird has been making waves and music all over Central Texas. Her song "  "Can't Nobody" ", which is available on Apple Music, is a must hear.

Gio states she is working on new music, and Killeen and myself cannot be more excited for the songbird's return.

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Dana Marie

Image Courtesy of Dana Marie

When you look for Southern Belle in the dictionary, this young beauty's picture is definitely there.

Dana Marie, also known as the Glitter Glam Unicorn, has one of those voices that remind you of Sunday morning getting ready for church. Being brought up in the church, it was practically second nature for her.

Although she has shied away from music, I remember going to her performances in Downtown Killeen at the Tyku and seeing her receive standing ovations.

This entrepreneur not only sings, but knows how to get a good knee slapping, eye watering laugh out of people because she is also one of Killeen's top female comedians. If you were trying to sum up Dana in one word, you could say this lady is the Jack of All Trades.

Lady Shacklin


Image Courtesy of Lady Shacklin

Now when we talk about Island vibes in Killeen, we cannot not leave out this rude gal with undeniable talent - Lady Shacklin.

Lady Shacklin is not unfamiliar with music, especially since she has been touring and performing since she was a 13. This is not the type of women you want to play with when it comes to showing the receipts. She has open for Romain Virgo, SHA-Rock (1st Female MC) of the FUNKY 4 PLUS 1, Bahamadia, Angie Stone, Beanie Man, Serani, Richie Spice, Mega Banton, Singer Jay. Capelton, Mad Lion, Born Jamericans, Comedians Tommy Davidson, Lavel Crawford, John Witherspoon, RnB Group Pretty Ricky, Legendary Gregory Issac, MAVADO, Dougie Fresh, Eric Benet, Tarrus Riley, Black Street, ACE HOOD, Agent Sasco, I-Octane, TRINA, Noah Powa; IISASHA, Etana, Future Fambo, Yanique Curvy Diva, and Sista Nancy just to name a few.

Lady Shacklin continues to not only keep RnB alive in Killeen but also Reggae.

Jasmine Justine

Image Courtesy of Jasmine Justine

When I think about Jasmine Justine, my first thought is the girl next door, but she’s not only just a cute face. This is a hard working mother who has worked her butt off for her son and herself, and is still able to prepare for her newest project which will be released in December 2021.

She has a five songs on this EP that she will be releasing, and she’s super excited about it. I highly suggest that you do not underestimate this young lady. We are talking about a woman who self-taught herself at the age of 14 how to play the piano.

If you put an obstacle in her way, she will destroy it. Jasmine Justine  is a force to be reckoned with.

I Am Nesha

Image Courtesy of I Am Nesha

As the young kids say, "It’s the grown and sexy for me"! This sultry singer and songwriter I am Nesha, in my opinion, is before her time.

Even though she was born in Washington state and travelled internationally in a military household, Killeen is home for this incredible vocalist.

Since the release of her EP matters of the heart in 2020, I Am Nesha has kept very busy, and when I say Killeen cannot wait for another EP I mean it ! Don't forget MOTH is also streaming on all major platforms.

Miss Onyx

Image Courtesy of Miss Onyx

This is definitely the year of the women, and when I say the women of Killeen are eating the game up and leaving no crumbs, honey, I mean it.

Which brings me to my next artist, Miss Onyx. This woman is not only a singer/songwriter, but she is also an executive producer, an app developer, and CEO of numerous companies.

You cannot say hustler without mentioning Onyx and she has the receipts to prove it. In 2013, she received the award for Internet Hustler of the Year.

Miss Onyx most  definitely understood the assignment. If the boys don’t listen to you at the meetings, boss up and start running them yourself.

Thank you for making Killeen proud!

Toni Ringgold

Image Courtesy of Toni Ringgold

Last but not least someone who is no stranger to the Townsquare Media family, Ms. Toni Ringgold.

Now when when they say all super heroes don’t wear capes, they are talking about Ms.Toni ! This woman literally dabbles in everything that plays a part in entertainment. If you want an actress, you call Toni. If you want a singer, you call Toni. Need a songwriter, you call Ton. If you need a vocal get it!

I’m not exactly sure what this woman can’t do. I’m almost certain she can also walk on water.

Toni has made it very clear to me that she is all about making sure the women of Killeen are recognized for their talents and stressing how important it is to celebrate them, and I totally agree. I had to make sure that I shared her talent and others while also giving  this tremendous her roses as well.

She has so many projects coming up that we can’t discuss just yet, but this is definitely a to be continued situation.

I cannot wait!

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