Confederate Park in Belton will be getting a new name.

Belton City Council will formally discuss a name change to both Confederate Park and Confederate Park Drive at their next meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, July 28.

KXXV Channel 25 is reporting that the City’s Parks Board will be putting together a 10-person committee to help decide on the name change.

The Belton City Council wants five possible new names for both the park and street, and members have said they prefer the new name to be "all-encompassing and nonexclusive" and not be named after "individuals or groups."

They hope to finalize the new name within two months.

I think they should open it up to residents and see what they thing a new name could be. According to the ol' reliable Wikipedia page on Belton, it's nickname is Beltown. How about Beltown Park? A lot of people call it Nolan Creek Park or consider it an extension of Yettie Polk Park anyway.

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