Some Killeen residents are excited about new developments in the city, as progress is being made towards adding more entertainment venues downtown.

Our news partner KWTX is reporting that the Killeen City Council is scrapping an old rule prohibiting bars, taverns, and similar establishments from opening within 300 feet of a church or school.

When Did This Happen?

In their first meeting of the year, Killeen City Council members voted Tuesday night to change the rules, and it's hoped the move will increase revenue.

This could be the first step in creating a Killeen version of Austin's Sixth Street, a tourist attraction known for its nightlife.

Anyone can come make a request to the council and the city’s planning and zoning committee for opening a business that has alcohol sales making up 50 percent or more of total revenue.

What's Next?

The approved ordinance modification will rezone the district to B-C-1, or a general business and alcohol sales district.

This provides the option to create a mixed-use area which can offer family-friendly entertainment, as well as adult entertainment like cigar lounges.

Some who were opposed to the change say they are afraid it will encourage crime in the area, and the proposed establishments shouldn't be so close to churches, schools, and daycare.

It's Time For Killeen To Get Bigger and Better

As with any revitalization, growing pains are to be expected.

However, if the right plans are put in place, the historic district of downtown Killeen could become a very popular tourist destination, with must-see attractions everyone can enjoy.

Get ready for some exciting developments in Central Texas!


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