Are you ready for winter weather? Being prepared at home is obviously important.

However, since so many of us can't just hunker down and stay put when the weather gets dicey, it's also crucial you have some emergency items in your vehicle as well.

Battery issues, low tire pressure, and thick oil are just some of the issues that can result when temperatures drop.


Things to Remember

If you have to stop while driving due to weather conditions or vehicle problems, it can be extremely dangerous for you and others on the road.

The more visible you and your vehicle are during an emergency stop, the safer everyone will be.

It's also very important to stay warm, be able to charge the battery in your car if you need to, and have some way of charging your phone to call for help if necessary.

Basic Maintenance is Important

Honestly, windshield wiper blades are usually something you don't think about - until they quit working.

Freezing temperatures can cause rubber on wiper blades to become brittle, which means it could tear or crack.

Car and Driver says replacing wiper blades every six months is recommended by the Car Care Council, but might be excessive. However, you should check them regularly for wear and tear, and get new ones if the blades look worn.

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What to Keep in Your Vehicle

The CDC,, and all have useful lists of items that you should always keep in your vehicle - just in case.

Here're the top 7 items you should think about purchasing if you don't already have them. One of the best things about this list? You can get everything on it for under $125.00.

That's a pretty reasonable price for peace of mind!

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