One thing I can say about is we’re going to carry a gun almost everywhere we go. It's just part of our culture, and that's even the case here in Harker Heights, Texas. Lucky for us there's a gun show this weekend where we can see what's out there and decide if it's time for an upgrade to defend ourselves and our homes.

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Not to sound like the wild wild West, but down here in the south, you might grab your gun before you grab your car keys to go to the store. It’s just the cowboy way in us.

Boss Lady owner and operator of the Harker Heights Event Center Carolyn Brown has once again put up an amazing event this time for some rootin tootin cowboys. That’s right, it’s that time of the year where Texans this event like Christmas -  the Real Harker Heights Gun Show.


The Real Texas Gun Show will be at the Harker Heights Event Center located at 710 Edwards Dr. May 7 through May 8, and it’s going to be a bang.

Not literally but it will be fun and plenty of steel inventory will be on display.

Just because I don’t condone violence doesn’t mean I don’t believe everybody should protect ourselves. It's a right enshrined in the Constitution, and responsible gun owners can find all sorts of things to love at this even.

Over the years I have realized that we live in a world now in which a gun is more of an essential than an option, which is scary and sad, but very true. If you get a chance, I would suggest you come out to the Real Texas Gun Show this weekend and just get a little knowledge on why it’s important to possibly keep a weapon with you. This is an event that Texans do not want to miss.


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