Last week in Austin, a woman was arrested for allegedly leaving her puppy in her hot car.

The woman reportedly tried to bring her dog into a park where pets were not permitted.

Apparently, she had no other choice but to take her dog back to her car. (I guess just leaving was out of the question.)

An intern who worked at the park saw her return to the park without the dog, which raised suspicion that the lady left her dog in the car.

KXAN reports that 41-year-old Coralia Gomez was pulled over by police as she attempted to leave the park after returning an hour later.

Once police arrived, the white puppy was seen in the back of her Dodge Ram shaking, panting, and trying to hide from the sun under the driver seat. The poor dog was later put in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Gomez told police she had only been away for 20 minutes, and that she couldn’t speak English. She now faces charges of cruelty to animals.

The video below shows how quickly temperatures can become extreme inside your vehicle and either hurt or kill your dog. Be responsible and think about what your pet will go through if you leave them in a hot car.

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