Dallas police are looking to charge a female officer with manslaughter, who reportedly, killed a man who she thought was in her apartment.

Turns out, she went into the wrong apartment.


According to a police statement:

"The officer returned to what she believed to be her apartment after her shift ended she was still in uniform when she encountered Mr. Botham Shem Jean inside the apartment. It’s not clear what the interaction was between her and the victim.

Then at some point she fired her weapon striking the victim.

She called 911 – officers responded in about four minutes. Dallas Fire-Rescue also responded and took Mr. Jean to the hospital where he later died.

At the very early stages of this investigation – initial indications were that they were what we consider circumstances of an officer-involved shooting.

However, as we continued this investigation it became clear that we were dealing with what appears to be a much different and very unique situation.

Therefore, we have ceased handling it under our normal officer-involved shooting protocol, a blood sample was drawn to test for drugs and alcohol, we are in the process of obtaining a warrant, and we have also invited the Texas Rangers to conduct an independent investigation."

Something doesn't sound right about this story....

Stay tuned....

Dallas Police Headquarter Attacked Overnight, Leads To Standoff With Suspect
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