It seems like every few months we're reminded that Killeen has one of the highest rates of STDs in the country. We're already less than a month removed from a Texas study of STD rates which put Bell County in the top tier in this category now another study shows our community is one of the top cities in the NATION.

According to a study done by InnerBody which looked at data from the CDC (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention) the Killeen Metro area placed EIGHTH in the nation with STD rates based on number of cases per 100,000 people.

Without going into a deep dive into the numbers, you can check out the full report here but for the record Texas tied with Ohio with SIX cities in the top 100. So be clear, this is a STATEWIDE problem. Not only that, a majority of the cities listed have a couple of factors in common: Military and College towns where you have large populations of sexually active young people.

We all know that "safe sex" and "knowing your status" is very important but in MY OPINION we should be teaching SELF-CONTROL. We all get "hot and bothered" but sometimes we have to weigh the consequences of the decisions we make. Practicing SELF-CONTROL will also prevent unwanted pregnancies and more factors that can come into play with sexual activity.

There's an old saying that "not all money is good money" so take that same logic and apply to sex: Not all sex is good sex.

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