Lions and tigers and bears - oh my! Here in Killeen, Texas, we love our animals. A lot of us treat our fur babies better than we treat our friends and family. I’m definitely a person who would rather hang out with cuddly animals instead of humans. Being a devoted dog lover, I prefer to take my dog Rocket to the dog park so he can just go out and enjoy himself.

That said, there are some animals you absolutely cannot keep as pets within city limits, and you'd be surprised by some of the critters specifically mentioned in the City Charter.

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I’d be lying if if I said I haven't hadn’t seen some unorthodox pets at the dog park. I once witnessed a potbelly pig by the name of Voodoo running around enjoying herself.

Even though pets are more than welcome in the city, exotic animals are something city officials would rather you go see in a zoo or on TV. I remember a couple of years back there was a guy who owned a Bengal tiger in Killeen that got loose. Thankfully he was returned to the owner and they took the proper precautions to make sure that the animal didn’t harm itself or others.


If you are interested in becoming the next Joe Exotic (A.K.A The Tiger King), you might wanna reconsider that decision because Killeen animal ordinances only allow certain animals within the city. I’m certain that tigers, lions, bears, and elephants aren’t something that you would want to see trampling through your backyard.

Here are 20 animals are you not allowed to keep as pets in Killeen.

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