Congratulations are in order for "Claws" star Niecy Nash as she surprised the world with her announcement on Instagram that she is now married again.

The actress married singer/songwriter Jessica Betts according to People as she posted a photo of the couple on IG with the caption "Mrs. Carol Denise Betts #LoveWins 🌈"

Nash's wedding comes less than a year after her divorce from her second husband Jay Tucker in December 2019. Her coming out came as a surprise to a lot of folks according to the comments on IG but "Congratulations" for the new couple continue to pour in.

Betts is best known as a rock and soul artist who also shared a photo of the couple on their wedding day with the caption "I got a whole wife" and Nash recently shared one of her songs "Catch Me" on her IG story with a photo of them boo'd up with the capion "#PlotTwist 🌈"

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