Well its summer here in Texas and while many of us are happy for these warm sunny days, a lot of us are downright cranky and wishing for fall or winter to return. That crankiness is MAGNIFIED when your air conditioning goes out in your home or office and you're running low on ways to stay cool when the heat index (you know that funny number the weatherman says that it "feels like" outside) pushes above 100.

Count me as one of the cranky ones as I sit and write this article in a studio without the precious cooling air blowing upon me. I've been in this situation before so I'm sort of an "expert" on these kind of things so I consulted with a few Texans (not really, just myself) for suggestions on what to do when the AC goes out:

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    Cold Drinks

    Water, soda, beer (depending on your boss being cool), it doesn't really matter, as long as you keep some cold liquid refreshment near, you'll be okay but I'm quite sure you're patience won't for long.

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    Loiter In Stores & Restaurants

    Of course you might get harassed for "loitering" but dammit I paid a buck for this drink cup and I would like to sit here and enjoy it in the comfort of your establishment if you don't mind please. I'll only be about 30 minutes to an hour. Might wanna be careful when taking on this one because your boss might not like that you're on lunch for an extended period.

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    Sit In Your Car

    This option is also tricky considering the rising cost of gas and the temptation to say "The hell with this" and driving off from your hot box of an office and heading non-stop to your home.

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    Any Excuse You Can Create To Run An Errand

    "Anybody wanna go out and..."

    ME, I'LL GO!

    Supervisors take note...

  • 5

    Strip Down

    If all else fails, the only option left is to get naked. You'll probably be fired right there on the spot but hey, at least you're not in that hot building no more! (Disclaimer: DON'T BE A MORON, DON'T DO THIS!)