After the "Roseanne" fallout, there was a lot of talk about other shows we would like to see be revived or rebooted and one suggestion that was made that "The Golden Girls" should get a reboot but this time with an all African American cast.Considering that "The Golden Girls" were considered the "Queens Of Shade" during their run, we thought that this idea was fascinating so we asked YOU what actresses would fit the role! Here are some of our favorite answers!

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    Jennifer Lewis

    "Black-Ish" star Jennifer Lewis is the self-proclaimed "Mother of Black Hollywood" and she's well known for being sassy and having the best clapbacks. She would be fantastic!

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    Comedian Sommore was also suggested, despite the fact that it would be tough to believe this beautiful star could pass for a senior citizen, her comedic talent can't be ignored!

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    Cicely Tyson

    Cicely Tyson would definitely be PERFECT for a Golden Girls reboot especially consider that at 93 years old, she would be a shoe-in to play the late Estelle Getty's role as "Sophia".

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    Felecia Rashad

    Veteran actress Felicia Rashad already was once "America's Mom" during her role on "The Cosby Show" and it would seem to be a no-brainer to have her in a reboot!

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    Who else could you see playing the sex-charged "Blanche" other than comedian Luenell?