We asked YOU our awesome MyKiss1031 listeners to tell us what would you like to see replace the now defunct Richard Rawlings Garage restaurant location in Harker Heights and yall had a LOT to say about it!

You guys shared lots of recommendations including other chain restaurants, places for kids to play and even another "dollar store" according to one comment. So we took a look at your comments and here's the top requests.


Lots of request for Pappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen, the high end chain restaurant whose nearest location is in Austin. Folks are more than willing to make the drive to Austin just to eat there so it makes sense.


Central Texas has been demanding a Dave & Buster's for some time now but when it was proposed to bring one to the area in 2014 it was met by opposition according to the Killeen Daily Herald.


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A 24 location that provides greasy hashbrowns and waffles that soak up a night of drunken debauchery? Yes, we need a Waffle House in Killeen and Harker Heights BADLY and a lot of you are letting it be known.


Apparently there's also a demand for Whole Foods. I get it that yall want to eat healthy but do you really think an expensive grocery store like that would survive in this area?

Thanks for commenting and sharing your feedback with us and if you have any other ideas, let us know!