People have a LOT of negative things to say about Killeen, a lot of it comes from people who DON'T live here or just passed through for a short while or just stay in the bubble of their own little city or town and only HEARS about the negative. But one thing is for sure and can not be denied, our community knows how to come together to help out others in need.

This past Saturday over 300 people came out to our Informational Block Party which took place in front of The Friends In Crisis Homeless Shelter which also reopened this weekend. More than 20 agencies, organizations and groups came out to share information on services for the less fortunate and we collected donations for the homeless and less fortunate.

Not only did we have a great time, we also helped a lot of folks in need and when we asked for your help, yall came through and gave in a major way. Check out this video courtesy of Lana Husband.

We want to Thank Phyllis Jones of Kiss Community Connections, Officer Kyle Moore of The KPD Homeless Outreach Team, Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble, The Friends In Crisis Homeless Shelter and Board and the many organizations, groups and services for helping us get this together and most importantly YOU Central Texas for your never ending generosity and spirit of love and compassion for your fellow men and women who are going through a tough time.


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