Apparently, the holidays are over, but the new year as brought some pretty unfamiliar weather to Texas, snow. And before you yankees Northerners criticize us and talk about "its just a 'dust'" let me be the first to remind you that we live down south for a REASON to avoid this type of weather tomfoolery.

Annually, we get a little bit of the white stuff but it still induces panic among the normally peaceful populace of Texas as accidents go up (due to our need to travel EVERYWHERE at a speed of at LEAST 75 miles per hour), food shelves are cleared out, and general disgust take hold as many of us choose the "stay inside" option.

In the interest of helping my fellow Texans survive these cold dark times, here is a short checklist of things you need to do before you we get trapped in less than an inch of snow...

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    Make A Trip To HEB

    Sure there are OTHER stores you could go to, but if things go sideways and you're trapped inside, a quick trip to HEB will ensure that you have bread and milk and it doesn't hurt to have a pre-cooked brisket on hand.

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    Secure Tacos

    Seriously, the taco is efficient, inexpensive, filling and will come in handy when you can't leave the house. Stop by your nearest taquiera or food truck and buy them OUT, don't forget the queso!

    Getty Images for SOBEWFF®
    Getty Images for SOBEWFF®
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    When the last day of 2017 arrived, the snow came with it and since NYE was also on a Sunday, that left THOUSANDS of panicked residents in Texas stuck without alcohol since liquour stores are closed on Sundays (Thanks church folks...). Stock up on much liquor as you can, preferably brown liquor because if I'm not mistaken that's what those St. Bernard rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps carry with them to help keep you warm... I don't know if that's true or not, but it sounds correct.


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