Today is Fat Tuesday in a couple of places in America except HERE in Central Texas. Its just another regular Tuesday where we go back to the normal day-to-day motions, when we really could be partying for no damn reason. It baffles me at this time of the year why the rest of America doesn't get with the program and celebrate Mardi Gras.

Think about it, an extended weekend of parades and celebrations here would do us all a lot of good in this crazy world we live in. While I'm sure there will be "small" celebrations and "themes" here and there, we should REALLY consider going all out one year. If you don't understand, let me help you with a few reasons to convince you!

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    Parades Are Always Fun!

    Who doesn't love a parade? The best part of Mardi Gras is, while most parades are just you sitting on the side of the street watching people wave at you, you could actually walk away WITH SOMETHING! Imagine an HEB float throwing "buddy bucks" or coupons along with beads, that's a parade you would love to go to right?

    Monte Reed via youtube
    Monte Reed via youtube
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    Fat Tuesday AKA Taco Tuesday

    Do I need to say anymore? We can enjoy tacos on the day appropriately titled "Fat Tuesday" and just combine the two. "Fat Taco Tuesday" has a nice ring to it! I'm currently dreaming of a Mardi Gras Taco Truck Parade that tosses out delicious tacos. *drools*

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    Days Off!

    Louisiana has this totally correct. Get rid of "President's Day" and just give us Mardi Gras off! An extended weekend of parades, fun and parties is the CORRECT thing to do instead of spending the day "remembering" 44 old guys.


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