The past month or so most of the news coverage has been about the George  Zimmerman trial.,but now increased scrutiny and attention has been brought to another Florida case  Marissa Alexander.

Marissa Alexander; Screengrab via Politics Nation

The mother of three was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at the wall of her home to scare off her admittedly abusive husband. The man had her trapped in a corner, in her own home.

Ironically, she was prosecuted by Angela Corey the same state's attorney who couldn't find the time or the desire to actually defend Trayvon Martin, as his character was ripped apart in court right in front of her.

Critics have argued that the Zimmerman verdict proves Alexander deserves to be released from prison or at least given a new trial. While Alexander attempted to use "Stand Your Ground" laws in her defense, George Zimmerman is believed to have largely benefited from his and the acquitting jury's interpretation of the law. Recently, Stevie Wonder announced a boycott of Florida due to their 'Stand Your Ground' laws and all states that have  similar laws.

Where is the justice?  A black woman defending herself from her abusive husband fires a warning shot hitting no one and she gets 20 years.  George Zimmerman shoots and kills an unarmed Black teenager and goes free.

Rep. Connie Brown says the Florida criminal justice system has sent two clear messages:

"One is that if women who are victims of domestic violence try to protect themselves,"Stand Your Ground law will not apply to them.....and the second message is that if you are  black, the system will treat you differently."


Alexander's case is under appeal; more info about efforts to help her appeal are here.